Do you really want a mobile ‘App’ – 5 tips to help you decide!

I have been approached many times about building apps and the first question I ask is why? What problem are you trying to solve for your organization or customer? Most of the time, unfortunately, the answer is simply ‘everyone uses apps’ or ‘the boss says we need one’.  Building and maintaining a mobile application can be time consuming and expensive to build and maintain and may not be what you need. Consider these simple steps before committing to an app.

Tip 1 – Work out your problem statements first

Always work out your business problem first, the technology solution will happen naturally out of your problem statements. Examples of problem statements are as follows:

‘We need to provide a way for our event staff to check in  on the exact location and start time of their shift everyday’.

‘We need our staff to be able to complete onboarding compulsory health & safety training’.


Tip 2 – Work out if there are security, offline & continual use requirements

Do you need a solution that is secure? This will impact upon the eventual technology solution although both a mobile app or a website can meet these needs.

Do you need the solution to be available offline? This is where mobile apps can be really useful. If you need a solution that can be available without an internet connection then a mobile app could be the right solution.

Will the solution need continual access and be something that will be re-used again and again ? In our health and safety problem statement above a responsive website may be the best solution to the business problem for a one off set of training.




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